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Three ways to make or save money using Machine Learning

Propensity modelling

Prostate Cancer UK analysed 1.5 million donors, 5.5 million gift transactions and over 15 million appeal activities to create a customer’s propensity to donate score. This was fed back into their CRM future campaigns.

  • 50% donor responses

  • Eliminated negative ROI on the Christmas postal campaign

"We now predict who is likely to convert to regular giving"

Forecasting performance

The Law Society of BC uses data science to help identify risk factors for the law firms they regulate. They assesses firms' compliance risk and identifies high-risk firms for further analysis and audit procedures.

  • 14% less staff needed per audit

  • 29% faster audit processes

"Data is a commodity more expensive than gold".

Thomas Kampioni, Director of IT

Recommendation for sales

Showroomprivé used over 15m transactions to build Targetor. It is a recommendation based app for their internal teams to generate targeted, personalised emails. These target flash sale offers based on a user’ preferences and propensity to buy.

  • 250% increase in efficiency

  • Targetor used three times a day

"Create results that have a positive impact".

Damien Garzilli, Chief Data & Innovation Officer


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