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Data & AI Policy

A framework for ethical data management and AI usage. It emphasises adherence to the UK's Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, while integrating principles of human-centric AI design, transparency, accountability, fairness, privacy, and sustainability. Applicable to all staff, contractors, and partners, the policy covers lawful, fair, and transparent data handling, data minimisation, accuracy, and secure storage. It includes robust procedures for data rights, breach notification, and regular policy review to align with evolving legal and ethical standards in data and AI governance.



Datnexa recognises the paramount importance of responsible data management, particularly in the context of our commitment to ethical AI and public service. 




The primary objective of this policy is to establish a robust, ethical framework for managing data within Datnexa. This encompasses collection, processing, storage, and dissemination of data, with a keen focus on safeguarding personal data, maintaining public trust, and fostering a transparent, accountable approach to public service.




This policy is applicable to all staff, contractors, and partners involved with Datnexa. It covers all forms of data, including digital, paper-based, and other mediums, ensuring a unified approach to data governance.

Data Principles


  • Lawfulness, Fairness, and TransparencyData processing will be conducted lawfully, fairly, and transparently, upholding the rights of data subjects.

  • Purpose Limitation: Data collection will be for specific, explicit, and legitimate purposes, avoiding unnecessary data processing.

  • Data Minimisation: Only necessary data will be collected, with a focus on minimal data retention.

  • Accuracy: Continuous efforts will be made to ensure data accuracy and currency.

  • Storage Limitation: Data will be retained only as long as needed for its intended purposes.

  • Integrity and Confidentiality: Ensuring data security against unauthorised access, loss, or damage is paramount.

Ethical AI and Data Use


  • Human-Centric AI Design: AI systems developed or used by Datnexa will prioritise human dignity, rights, and freedoms.

  • Transparency in AI: Commitment to transparent AI processes, where AI decisions can be explained and understood by users.

  • Accountability in AI: Establishing clear accountability for AI decisions and ensuring AI systems are subject to oversight.

  • Fairness and Non-Discrimination: Ensuring AI systems do not embed or perpetuate bias, ensuring fairness and equality in data processing.

  • Privacy and Security in AI: Upholding stringent data privacy and security measures in all AI applications.

  • Sustainable and Responsible AI: Promoting environmentally sustainable practices in AI development and usage.

Data Rights and Access

Upholding the rights of individuals under the UK GDPR, including access, correction, deletion, and restriction of personal data.

Our Privacy Policy may be found here

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