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Paul Hutchinson Simpson

Paul Hutchinson Simpson

Paul, our Associate Director of Civic Communications, Compliance, and Community, possesses a unique combination of experience and expertise that effectively navigates the ever-changing technology landscape.

His main areas of focus include developing innovative communication strategies, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, and fostering genuine community engagement.

Through his work, Paul is able to effectively deliver complex messages to hard-to-reach audiences, adhere to legal requirements and policies, and promote transparency and collaboration among colleagues, stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

In his own words

Based in Lambeth, I use engagement, communications, digital channels, and stakeholder management to explain complex issues to enable change to happen; I do this by assembling engagement, consultations, and communication campaigns, leveraging digital and traditional channels while also offering experience in successfully managing front-line operational delivery.

My track record spans housing companies, registered social housing providers, councils, and campaign organisations. I've operated within agencies, launched my own ventures, and worked in-house. I'm an innovative achiever, forming high-performance teams and mentoring individuals across all levels.

My leadership provides counsel to fellow executives and empowers my managers to lead their teams effectively. I've delivered presentations to company boards and council members.

During my tenure of working for The Labour Party while it was in power in Westminster, I routinely briefed senior figures on campaign progress, including cabinet ministers, Downing Street officials, and trade union General Secretaries.

I am a keen (if slow) cyclist, a lover of coffee and photography, and I am always trying to find ways to combine all three.


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