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LGAI Summit: In the news

In the growing digital landscape of local government innovation, the recent Local Government AI Summit, co-organised by Datnexa, has sparked a new wave of enthusiasm for the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI). Datnexa, are an Innovation Partner with a profound expertise in technology, data, and AI, who collaborated with Outcomes Matter Consulting to launch, a platform dedicated to harnessing innovative technology through co-design and collaboration, aiming to tackle specific challenges within local government.

The summit, which convened virtually, served as a beacon of potential for AI's role in revolutionising local government services, particularly highlighting the streamlined production of education, health, and care plans (EHCPs) for children with special educational needs. With the demand for EHCPs reaching unprecedented levels, the transformation promised by AI adoption is nothing short of game-changing.

Outcomes Matter Consulting's pioneering work with SEN, technology providers and Datnexa on EHCP Plus emerged as a highlight of the summit. This innovative AI application drafts initial EHCP reports, significantly reducing the time investment required from professionals and allowing them to dedicate more attention to the individual needs of the child. Several local authorities are already participating in pilot projects, with more councils invited to explore this groundbreaking approach. has been designed using insights from Guy Clayton, the principal educational psychologist at North Somerset Council, who at the Summit emphasized the importance of quality and consistency in EHCP production—a process currently affected by the human variability in drafting these plans. AI's promise of efficiency could free up valuable time for professionals to engage more directly with schools and families, enhancing the overall support system for children with special needs.

Swindon Borough Council (BC) showcased its commitment to exploring AI's potential, with Councillor Jim Robbins highlighting both the opportunities and challenges presented by AI. Robbins praised the council's emerging tech department for its impactful projects, such as improving independence for individuals with learning disabilities and facilitating emergency communication across language barriers, as demonstrated during a sudden evacuation in Bristol.

The use of real-time translation software was cited as a significant cost-saving measure, yet Robbins was cautious about AI's implications for employment, stressing the desire not to replace jobs but to augment services and focus on preventative measures to alleviate demand on acute services.

Sarah Peña, head of emerging technology, business improvement, and web at Swindon BC, encapsulated the summit's ethos by advocating for a harmonious integration of human and technological capabilities. Her vision for implementing technology with a human touch, aiming for swift, impactful action while upholding good governance, resonates with Datnexa's mission as an Innovation Partner.

Datnexa stands at the forefront of this AI-driven transformation, offering deep-seated experience in leveraging technology, data, and AI to solve real-world problems. Through initiatives like, Datnexa not only facilitates innovation but also inspires a shift towards more efficient, responsive, and compassionate local governance. The Local Government AI Summit may have concluded, but the journey towards a smarter, more connected local government, powered by the strategic use of AI, is just beginning.


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