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Introducing - an AI chatbot

Clem is not just a chatbot, but your personal conference companion at the annual conference, offering an interactive guide through

It's not merely about providing information; it's about revolutionising the way attendees engage with event content.

Clem's primary mission during the conference is to facilitate easy access to the conference guide along with assimilating feedback from the user interactions. The insights collected will be instrumental in refining Clem’s capabilities.

But the vision for Clem extends far beyond the conference halls. In the near future, Clem could be your go-to resource for Labour Party manifesto insights, right at your fingertips on WhatsApp. Whether at work, social gatherings or on the campaign trail, Clem aims to make information access seamless and engaging.

However, change isn't without its challenges.

Trying not to be trolled and screens grabbed was paramount, leading us to implement stringent measures to prevent misuse. Even now though there is a risk that Clem will be induced into saying something inappropriate. Acclimating Clem to the specific jargon and acronyms of the Labour Party was another hurdle we overcame with a dash of humour - Clem now knows that 'fringe' in this context isn’t a haircut!

One key aspect of Clem’s journey is asking for emails. This isn’t merely for follow-ups, but to understand the diverse user base interacting with Clem, which in turn, helps in sculpting a more refined user experience. However, this part of the process is being scoped for work after the Conference!

For businesses, AI chatbots open up a realm of possibilities in creating captivating customer engagement. It infuses personality into otherwise mundane chatbots, turning them into robust information hubs within vast intranets or shared drives. The potential to transform campaigns through informed, educated, and converted engagements is immense.

The architecture of Clem is segmented into four integral areas:

  1. The AI Service: Powered by ChatGPT via the service at

  2. Data Source: Clem can draw from various data reservoirs - a site, a page, a file, or a csv, making it a versatile info-conduit.

  3. The Prompt: This defines the behavioural and personality traits of Clem, ensuring a unique user interaction.

  4. The Interface: With adaptability at its core, Clem can be accessed through various platforms including websites, WhatsApp, Teams, Slack, and many more.

Clem is not just a digital assistant; it's a glimpse into the future of interactive information engagement, underlining our ethos at Datnexa of challenging the conventional boundaries of digital communication and strategy.

Through Clem, we're not just envisioning the future; we're trying to build it with data, one question at a time.


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