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Introducing 'Ask Geraldine' Version 2: Transforming TEC Support for Peterborough City Council

We've been busy behind the scenes, developing Version 2 of the 'Hey Geraldine' AI Assistant. Now, we're thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the 'Ask Geraldine' AI assistant.

This cutting-edge tool is designed to support practitioners across Peterborough City Council by identifying technology-enabled care (TEC) solutions. 'Ask Geraldine' can answer questions about available solutions and the outcomes they can support, providing real-time information, advice, and signposting of TEC solutions 24/7.

Key Learnings and Improvements

1. Expertise in Specific Assistive Technology Devices

We've discovered that the AI tool excels at answering questions about specific assistive technology devices. This strength ensures that practitioners receive accurate and detailed information to support their work.

2. Enhancing User Interactions for Open-Ended Queries

While the AI is proficient with specific queries, we're still refining how it interacts with users to gather sufficient context for more open-ended questions, especially when terminology is vague. This is a key area for ongoing development.

3. The Value of Continuous Feedback

Our development process has greatly benefited from the weekly feedback and suggestions provided by subject experts and end users. This iterative approach allows us to adapt the content and data underlying the AI tool, resulting in continuous improvements.

4. Balancing Features and User Experience

Introducing new features can sometimes create 'noise' or clutter in the tool. We always keep our UX hat on to ensure that additional features provide value rather than distraction. Next week, we'll be taking new features to our client for user testing and feedback.

5. Integration with Client Ecosystem

Ensuring that 'Ask Geraldine' fits seamlessly within the client's ecosystem is crucial. We consider where the chat assistant will be hosted, what branding or signposting needs to appear, and how we can foster a sense of ownership and pride in the product. Flexibility and adaptability to the client's requirements are key, alongside advising on the long-term value and sustainability of the product.

6. Addressing Contextual Challenges

Data insights revealed that the AI assistant struggled with questions starting with "Do you provide …" due to a lack of context on who "you" refers to. We used this insight to tweak content areas, ensuring that the AI can now effectively answer such questions.

7. Planning for Future Enhancements

As the content quality matures, we're capturing 'would be nice' feature requests, aiming to implement some of these in Version 2 of the tool. This forward-thinking approach ensures that 'Ask Geraldine' continues to evolve and meet user needs.

Looking Ahead

We're excited about the future of 'Ask Geraldine' and the positive impact it will have on TEC support for Peterborough City Council. By leveraging AI technology and continuous user feedback, we're creating a tool that is not only powerful and effective but also user-friendly and integrated within the client's ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance 'Ask Geraldine' and make it an indispensable resource for practitioners. Your feedback and support are invaluable as we move forward in this journey of innovation and improvement.


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