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Dataiku's Partner Network show you how to get started with machine learning and AI

Dataiku, a leading data company, has launched the Dataiku Partner Network, a carefully selected group of organizations that collaborate with Dataiku to show you how to get started with machine learning and AI.

Dataiku Partner Network logo
Dataiku Partner Network logo

In a recent interview, David Tharp, Senior Vice President of Ecosystems and Alliances at Dataiku, shared his vision for the future of the partner network and highlighted its alignment with Dataiku's core values.

Dataiku recognizes that different industries face specific challenges, so they onboard partners who specialize in addressing these industry-specific pain points effectively and efficiently. The three types of partners in the network are technology alliances, service providers, and resellers. These partners offer solutions in areas such as regulatory compliance, risk management, demand forecasting, and predictive analytics.

One significant advantage of working with the Dataiku Partner Network is that Dataiku thoroughly vets its partners, ensuring they have a track record of success and offer valuable products or services. This eliminates the need for customers to assess potential partners themselves, saving time and resources while increasing the likelihood of successful integrations. Additionally, partnering with Dataiku allows organizations to seamlessly incorporate new tools and technologies into their existing tech stacks, preserving previous investments.

To initiate a partnership with Dataiku, organizations first need to identify their specific needs and determine where they stand on the journey to achieving Everyday AI, which involves the systematic use of data for exceptional business outcomes. Dataiku offers a maturity curve assessment to help organizations understand their current position and define their desired future state. Based on this assessment, Dataiku tailors a package of solutions that directly address the organization's pain points, enabling them to work towards their long-term business goals effectively.

The Dataiku Partner Network embraces a future-focused mindset centered around Everyday AI. Dataiku's goal is to democratize AI and make it accessible to a wide range of users, from technologists to business analysts. By combining technological expertise with business insights, the network aims to unlock the full potential of AI and generate significant value for organizations. Dataiku believes that the impact of AI extends beyond profits and creates meaningful job opportunities in the modern technology world.

In conclusion, the Dataiku Partner Network is a carefully curated group of organizations that collaborate with Dataiku to provide tailored solutions for customers in various industries. By partnering with Dataiku, organizations can benefit from the expertise of trusted partners, seamless integration with existing technologies, and a roadmap to leverage AI effectively. The ultimate vision is to make AI an everyday tool accessible to all, driving exceptional business results and creating opportunities for people in the technology field.


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