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Business Intelligence Transformation for's Partner Programme, a B2B innovation client, faced a challenging situation with their data management. They had an overwhelming amount of data and insufficient time to process and understand it. This posed a significant hurdle in developing their new partner programme for their Augmented and Virtual reality offering. Datnexa was brought in to address this issue.

"I was at a loss with my data and I had the daunting combo of too much of it and not enough spare time to understand it. Datnexa used some wizardry (my best guess) to clean it and make it easy to read and access - saved me a lot of time and pain."

Henry Eames



The primary challenge for was the "daunting combo" of excessive data and limited time, hindering their ability to efficiently leverage this data for strategic decisions, especially in their new partner programme.


Datnexa, known for its expertise in handling business intelligence and targeting data, offered a comprehensive solution. They employed advanced techniques to clean, organize, and make the data easily accessible and interpretable. This process, described as "wizardry" by the client, transformed the data into a format that was both easy to read and access.


The intervention by Datnexa led to significant time savings and reduced the pain associated with data management for The cleaned and organized data enabled to reduce the amount of time spent in contacting new partners saving hundreds of hours of staff time.

Feedback: praised Datnexa's work, highlighting the ease with which they could now handle their data. This transformation was instrumental in supporting their strategic aims and provided clear recommendations for moving forward.


Datnexa's expertise in data management proved invaluable for By transforming complex and overwhelming data into a structured and easy-to-use format, they played a critical role in the development and success of's new partner programme. This case study exemplifies the impact of effective data management on business strategy and operations.


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