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Clem is an experimental ChatGPT guide to the Labour Party's Conference 2023. 

How can you use it?

Online, in Slack, WhatsApp or Teams and across everything else with Zapier and API's using an AI chatbot to communicate and engage has never been easier.

Image by Juliana Romão


Educate, engage and mobilise like never before. Let people discuss the merits of your campaign, understand your arguments and get answers to questions they may be asked.

Image by Giulia May


Whether a public directory of your services or an internal staff handbook, make information easily accessible and available online, in WhatsApp or Slack and easily translatable to different languages and writing styles.

Image by Simone Secci


AI is in its infancy and with new tools and uses appearing everyday there are huge opportunities for innovation.

We provide world-class ideation for household names.

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